Biofeedback - Body Analysis - Consultation

Biofeedback - Body Analysis - Consultation


Track your Results and Body Fat/Muscle Mass Multi segmental scale to track your results for BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water plus composition or arms, legs and trunk.  Get a report monitoring your progress when you weigh in.  See weight, body fat and body water and more with graphs and clear results. (3D Body scanning coming soon – full body measurements)  In just seconds this FDA Cleared health monitor can display a complete body composition profile, including weight, body fat % (total and segmental), body water %, muscle mass (total and segmental), physique rating, BMR, DCI, metabolic age, bone mass, muscle quality score, visceral fat and heart rate. This unique scale gives individual body composition readings for each body segment: trunk, right arm, left arm, right leg and left leg.

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Biofeedback Nutrition Scans - Hand Scanner

Nutritional Supplement recommendation in just 5 minutes with our hand scanner that uses galvanic skin response.  Gain valuable insight to biomarkers that may need support while identifying specific nutritional supplements for your biological coherence. The scan makes it easy to order the right products every month.   Are you Tired of guessing what Nutritional Supplements to buy?
1 5 Minute scan can give you insight to your health and nutrition needs.  Members get a FREE monthly scan.

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Digital Body Analyzer
Another amazing Biofeedback device is our Digital Body Analyzer that includes a Food scan that can help to identify the right foods for your body and what to avoid.  Get a detailed visual health status of your organs, body systems and tissue of the body using this advanced technology and databases of more than 120,000 different frequencies.  Every cell and organ has its own distinct vibrational frequency oscillation and is a $30,000 device that is now available on a cell phone or tablet for purchase for $500 or $1000.  Now it is possible for you to own one and monitor your own health at home and have your own Body Analyzer. We can teach you how to use the device if you want to buy your own with weekly webinars and training included.

The Digital Body Analyzer includes a SEFI Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter that is designed to capture, amplify and imprint subtle energy frequencies and can either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into a target object like a sugar pill, tincture, bracelet or necklace etc.  This is not a Medical Device and does not Diagnose or Cure anything.
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Food Monitoring
Using our special device for food monitoring you can take the guesswork out of eating. A pocket sized breath test device to help people measure how your body digests food in real time. Imagine being able to identify good and bad foods and discover what is triggering issues for you especially if you have digestive issues.  Track your meals, sleep, stress and breath scores to discover what your body isn’t fully digesting with the FODMAP program.  This is an affordable device that you can easily learn and buy your own for less than $200.  Imagine having your own pocket food guide with you to track your progress, meals, breathing on your cell phone.
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Breathing and Lowering Blood Pressure

Lower your Blood Pressure naturally with the only FDA cleared, non drug medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure. It can teach you how to achieve therapeutic breathing and is easy to use and learn with proven results.


Equipment Specialist and Holistic Health Coach to help you find the right Health products for you or your business.  Consultations for Individuals and Wellness Centers with Free demonstrations. Residential or Commercial use.  Schedule a Consultation today to try the equipment before you buy. Experienced Wellness Consultant for nearly 25 Years.  Proven track record with over 25,000 customers.  Same website, email, phone number since 1997.  1st Consulation complimentary then $150 per hour for Wellness Center Planning or Equipment Recommendations and General Consultations.