Halogenerator - Dry Salt Therapy

Halogenerator - Dry Salt Therapy

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Many believe that when people inhale this salty air it can help stimulate their respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages, skin conditions, detoxification, improve athletic performance and reduce discomfort.  People around the world using halotherapy and is now in may Day Spas and Wellness Centers. Salt has been around since the beginning of time and is essential and used in various therapeutic healing and medical ways including saline solutions, nebulizers, skin scrubs, salt baths, Nettie pots known as "wet" salt therapy.  A new aspect of salt therapy emerged that is called Dry Salt Therapy known as Halotherapy.

Halotherapy is antibacterial, anti inflammatory, hydrophilic and mucokinetyic and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, skin conditions and immune system oversensitivity.  For the skin, salt therapy helps regulate PH levels and enhances the reparative and regenerative properties.  It can also boost the productions of collagen fibers for rejuvenation and lymph cells for an immune system boost.

Halotherapy also can help improve mental health and boosts mood.  Salt contains negatively charged ions that leave you felling invigorated, positive, and stress free.  These negative ions are also know to reduce serotonin levels.  While serotonin syndrome or the excess of serotonin in the system can cause agitation and insomnia.  Salt therapy can help normalize serotonin levels thus leveling out mood and improving sleep.

Safe for all ages with no side effects.

Reduces skin inflammation caused by acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Proven in clinical studies and scientific research.

Dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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