Great Solutions Summer Body & Theta Wellness Solutions

Welcome to - Wellness Spa by Great Solutions LLC Our Demonstration center for our online store allows you to try equipment here is Salt Lake City, Utah before you buy or just receive services by joining our private membership with Turtle Island.  turtleisland.jpg
Receive a free spin in our Thetachamber for 30 minutes when you join as a Member for a 1 year for just $35. $5 for 1 day membership.  

Complete Weight Management and Muscle Toning Program plus Brain Balancing,  Detoxification and Oygenation and Hydration of the body. Transformation for the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Break habits and build new neurological pathways to get lasting results. Lifestyle coaching and support for you one on one. 


Lose the fat and build muscle with proven results. Ask about our inch loss guarantee.

We can help you find the right equipment for your home or business.  Consultations & Equipment Demonstrations for those looking to buy equipment. Try  before you buy and learn from an experienced Equipment Consultant that has been in business for 26 Years and has helped over 25,000 customers or just come in use our equipment with our private membership.

Our Summer Body Product Line can be found on our online store includes: Red Light Pads, Red Light Beds, Red Light Panels, RF Light and Summer Body Shaper, PBM Photobiomodulation Helmet, Float Pods, Infrared Pods with Red Light and Massage, Sauna Domes, plus Steam Pods with Ozone and Red Light.

Summer Body Core Services Include:

  1. Biofeedback
    Zyto Scan Nutritional and Food Scan, AO Scan Biofeedback & Inner Voice & Healthy Lite Weigh in/Body Analysis Report
  2. Magnetism/iMRS PEMF Mat - microcirculation in 15 minutes with Resperate Biofeedback Breathing device to guide you into therapeutic breathing
  3. Red Light Therapy with Brain tap Guided Meditation 20 minutes
    (Red Light Bed, Red Light Blanket, Full Body Pad, Waist Belt, Ab Pad, Arm Pads + Illuminate or Celluma for the face)
  4. Whole Body Vibration WBV Hypervibe G17  10 to 15 minutes
  5. EWOT Exercise with Oxygen Therapy using the Recumbent Bike or Rebounder or Ab machine 10 to 15 minutes
  6. Summer Body Shaper with Red Light RF on Abs or Glutes plus pelvic toner or arm/leg paddles 30 minutes
  7. Burn Calories Sauna – Dome, Tent or Wood Sauna 15 to 45 minutes
  8. Hydrogen PH Balanced Structured Energy Water/Hydrogen Inhalation

*9. Thetachamber - Guided Meditation with Inner Voice Chakra Balancing Music, EMDR Light Visualization, Frequency Stimulation, Binaural Beats and Hydrogen Inhalation while spinning for the ultimate 30 minute session.


For a limited time get 6 Free *Thetachamber Sessions, Sauna Sessions or Detox Footbaths with our 20 Session Summer Body Package

Summer Body Sessions - Our Sessions start with Biofeedback Scans using the Zyto Hand Scanner and AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer followed by the iMRS PEMF Mat for Magnetism (PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), Full Body Red Light Therapy (Photo Biomodulation PBM) with Guided Meditation by Brain Tap to deliver red and blue light to ears and white light EMDR to the eyes followed by WBV Whole Body Vibration on the Hypervibe G17.  WBV will move your lymphatic system and increase circulation and prepare your body with increased oxygen levels for EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy/Training) for 10 to 15 minutes.  You can pick which cardio equipment to use and adjust for any level of fitness or age.  Rebounder, Lifefitness REcombent Bike with incredible visual rides from all over the world or jump on the Bow Flex Trainer M8 and work the entire body.  A relaxing Sauna Session following your workout will burn more calories and release toxins. We use the best body shrinking oil available on the body with a plastic body liner bag for our sauna sessions so you can see how much you are sweating and the toxins coming out of your body while leaving your skin smooth and silky. End your session with the Thetachamber to lower Cortisol levels and help with emotional eating and mind set to complete your session and feel total rejuvenation.  We provide filtered ph balance ionized water with Hydrogen infusion to help with free radicals and ph of the body.  Alternate Sauna with a Detox Footbath to help increase the amount of toxins coming out in your sweat.  Our 20 Session Package can help you to break your habits and form new healthy habits and an attitude to maintain results.

The Summer Body Shaper and Thetachamber can be used on an occasional basis after reaching you goal to ensure results last.  Thetachamber program recommended is 20 to 28 days continuously to rebuild the neurological pathways and break bad habits.  Summer Body Shaper 4 to 6 sessions unless BMI is over 25 then more sessions and time are required.

1. Biofeedback -Zyto Hand Scanner
Nutritional Supplement recommendation and food recommendations in just 5 minutes with our hand scanner that uses galvanic skin response. Gain valuable insight to biomarkers that may need support while identifying specific nutritional supplements for your biological coherence. The scan makes it easy to order the right products every month plus food scanner to know what to eat more of and less of.   Easy to read report showing body stresses and valuable information.

zytocradle.jpg  zytobalance.png   aoscan-technology.png
AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer
Another amazing Biofeedback device is our Digital Body Analyzer that includes a Food scan that can help to identify the right foods for your body and what to avoid. Get a detailed visual health status of your organs, body systems and tissue of the body using this advanced technology and databases of more than 120,000 different frequencies. Every cell and organ has its own distinct vibrational frequency oscillation and is a $30,000 device that is now available on a cell phone or tablet for purchase for $500 or $1000. Now it is possible for you to own one and monitor your own health at home and have your own Body Analyzer. We can teach you how to use the device if you want to buy your own with weekly webinars and training included or come in for a scan.

Track your Results Multi segmental scale to track your results for BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water plus composition or arms, legs and trunk. Get a report monitoring your progress when you weigh in. See weight, body fat and body water and more with graphs and clear results.

2. Magnetism/PEMF iMRS Mat for magnetism and microcirculation increases circulation and using frequencies create a process of restoration and stimulation that permeates every cell.  By strengthening and stabilizing the body's fields you can eliminate electro smog, emf's while increasing ion transport, criculation and waste removal and increase oxygen diffusion in minutes that will last 8 to 12 hours.  
             irmsinfrared.png       resperate.png

Breathing and Lowering Blood Pressure with Resperate Lower your Blood Pressure naturally with the only FDA cleared, non-drug medical biofeedback device clinically proven to lower blood pressure. It can teach you how to achieve therapeutic breathing and is easy to use and learn with proven results. Easy to use during your iMRS session for 15 minutes.

3. Red Light Therapy - Photo Biomodulation PBM 
Use our Red Light Bed, Red Light Blanket, Red Light Full Body Pads, Belly Belt, Belly Pad, Arm Pads, Chin Pad, Illuminate or Celluma for your face with Blue Light for Acne.

Increase Nitric Oxide Levels, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and get anti aging benefits in just 20 minutes. Red Light Therapy or Photo Biomodulation can support increased circulation and ATP while improving blood flow and accelerates normal tissue repair while improving skin. Over 4,000 studies and over 70 countries use Red Light Therapy with no negative side effects.   Use Brain Tap Guided Meditation while wrapped in Red Light with Light Stimulation for the eyes and ears.











4. Fitness – Cardio - Toning Use our unique fitness equipment with EWOT while raising your heart rate WBV Whole Body Vibration, Recumbent Bike, Rebounder, Bow Flex Trainer, Ab Machine. 

recumbentbike.jpgmaxtrainer.jpg  hypervibeworkout.png      570pro.jpgmega-flowmask.jpg

5Respiratory/Oxygen/EWOT - Exercise with Oxygen Therapy/Training

Oxygen. There are so many benefits to increased oxygen and circulation the list goes on and one.  Simply use our EWOT Exercise with oxygen therapy turbo  while doing cardio for 10 to 20 minutes on our Rebounder, Bike or WBV Machine. Breathe 93 to 96 percent pure oxygen while increasing your heart rate.  EWOT after PEMF has optimal O2 transport and offer the most effective protocol by using the iMRS PEMF prior to EWOT can be 30% more effectibe.  Our EWOT has 2 one inch hoses not just one so you you feel great while exercising and can breathe in twice as much oxygen with our turbo mask design.  Better Immune system, Gut/Disgestive System. Respiratory Health, Sexual Health, Sinus Health and Better Sleep not to mention enhanced mental clarity. (Mask purchase required $75)

6. Summer Body Shaper with RF Radio Frequency Red Light - muscle toning like 20,000 situps or squats in just 30 minutes without the soreness
Get the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats (muscle contractions) in just 30 minutes with the Summer Body Shaper. Results you can feel and see and without getting sore!  Pelvic Toning is also offered just by sitting for hard to reach pelvic area muscles.


Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas are ideal to burn calories. Dome Sauna, Tent Sauna, or 5 person Wood Sauna with Crystal Infrared Mats and Essential Oil Diffuser. We use a plastic body suit in our saunas so there is no sweat contamination in the saunas from other clients. We offer the leading inch loss oil from Europe for our sauna sessions that are 0 to 1 over other oils plus we have the special Plastic Body Liners that are used to keep the saunas sanitary plus we use ozone to ensure sanitization. 

Detox Footbaths to speed up the release of toxins.  Relax for 35 minutes in our detox foot soak and help to eliminate heavy metals and toxins.  Higher levels of metals and toxins are found in the urine stool and sweat for several days following a footbath.  Many toxins are stored in our fat so eliminating the fat can help lower our toxic load and footbaths can help the detoxification process.

ioncleanser-info-pack-email-page-01.jpg  72729247-23843755587280419-941521328807084032-n.png.jpg   ionspa15min.jpg   ioncleansebannershow.jpg

 Dry Salt Therapy – Halo Generator - Optional when in the 5 person sauna or Salt Pop Up Booth
Halotherapy is antibacterial, anti inflammatory, hydrophilic and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, skin conditions and immune system oversensitivity plus salt therapy helps regulate PH levels and enhances the reparative and regenerative properties for the skin and helps many respiratory symptoms with no side effects.

Relaxation & Guided Meditation

Pain Relief/Massage
Unique Devices like the AVACEN Advanced Heat Therapy, the Far Infrared Crystal Biomat, Ceragem Massage Bed, Massage Chair, Pado Massagers are all available for relaxation and pain relief. 
ceragemmassage.png  massagechairguy.jpg advanced-technology-e1431727147831.png

Brain Balancing and Support - Theta Wellness Center 
Thetawellness Solutions is part of our Great Solutions Summer Body Fitness Center and Members get to use the equipment that will help to lower Stress and Cortisol levels plus helps in dealing with emotional eating and bad habits. Stress relief and balancing the Brainwave using the amazing Thetachamber, Photobiomodulation Helmet, Brain Tap, RTMS, Healy, Fisher Wallace, Healy and Heartmath all are excellent tools for our mental health. 
 brainhelmetuses.jpg helmettablet.jpg