WBV Whole Body Vibration - Hypervibe G17

WBV Whole Body Vibration - Hypervibe G17

WBV Whole Body Vibration - Hypervibe G17

Hypervibe G17 Pro - WBV Whole Body Vibration

The Hypervibe uses a pivotal platform, meaning the vibrations tilt either side up and down like a see-saw. Research shows this to be most effective; full body vibration machines must be capable of frequency between 20-40 Hz and acceleration of 10g or more to provide maximum benefits.

The G17 PRO platform vibrates at frequencies up to 35 Hz and acceleration up to 17g, making it one of the few machines in the world to meet these technical requirements.


Video Guided Exercise Programs This amazing machine not only provides you with whole body vibration; it shows you how to accomplish your goals. The Hypervibe G17 PRO comes equipped with a 9” LCD touch screen and control panel. Through this panel, you can browse through over 100 Hypervibe exercise videos.

38 goal-based programs give you structured, organized workouts, which can be personalized with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of difficulty. The intensity of a whole body vibration experience corresponds to the foot placement on the whole body vibration platform.

The Hypervibe G17 PRO platform shows you exactly where their feet should be on the platform during the exercise to achieve the desired intensity. Basic Function Special Functions  Intensity Level

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Whole body vibration is so much more than simply standing on a vibrating platform. When used properly, whole body vibration targets a large variety of muscle groups. The Hypervibe G17 PRO’s exercise videos show you how to use whole body vibration to work your entire body. From planks to squats and everything in between.

Stronger Bones Mechanical stress is an excellent way to improve bone strength and density. Whole body vibration offers this stress, without the added danger of tripping, falling, twisting an ankle, and other accidents associated with different forms of exercise. It’s a safe, yet effective 2 way to strengthen your bones.

Improves Circulation Since muscles require oxygen to function, exercise is an excellent way to improve circulation. Vibration training is particularly effective, as the vibrations work your muscles in new ways, drawing the blood throughout the body. This can lead to other positive outcomes such as higher energy, better joint mobility, and a faster healing process.

Aids in Weight Loss Vibration training offers high-intensity exercise that effectively stimulates the muscles without draining the energy reserves. This revolutionary method of exercise means you can be more efficient in your workouts; training harder while expending less effort. Whole body vibration increases the gravitational pull on the body. The body’s natural response to this is to increase strength and muscle tone.

Stronger Muscles There is evidence to suggest that whole body vibration can grant your muscles more strength for the same amount of effort. The long-term effects of whole body vibration strength training are roughly the same as those of weight training. The major advantage whole body vibration has in building strength is that it gets your muscles activated faster, taking the body to the growth stimulation phase without exhausting the energy supply. This means you requires less recovery time.