Illuminate Pro Light Panel - 5 Minute Facial

Illuminate Pro Light Panel - 5 Minute Facial

Illuminate Pro Light Panel - 5 Minute Facial


1800 LEDs means much faster treatments saving you time. Other panels have 100, 200, or maybe 300 LEDs. With 1800 LEDs we can run each at a lower power. Lower power means less heat and longer life. Other panels either have a large heat sink or a very small number of LEDs without a heat sink.

Illuminate achieves 5400 joules in just 5 minutes. If you have questions about what this means please ask us. Many other LED panels achieve less than half the amount of energy of Illuminate and it takes them 30 minutes to achieve that!

Illuminate is the only company that supplies a panel without a focusing lens over each LED. We did this for several reasons. It gives us a very thin and elegant panel but more importantly, the energy is uniform over distance. If we included a focusing lens the energy would decrease the farther your skin is away from the panel. Due to the number of LEDs, and how they are mounted, the energy from the panel stays constant over the first three inches of distance from the panel. All other systems must specify their optical power at a specific distance. What this means is that with Illuminate the nose, cheeks, and skin all receive the same amount of energy even though they are different distances from the panel. Revolutionary and patent-pending.

Optical Power: >30mw/cm2

Active Area: 18.25" x 11.25"

Optical Energy: 5000 Joules

Input Voltage: 90 - 240

Input Power: 60 Watts

Wavelength: 660 nanometers

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